Prediction of Catfish Yield To Fulfill Community Needs Using Multiple Linear Regression Algorithm Method

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Syifa Nurazizah
Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Indonesia
Sri Winarno
Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Indonesia

Fishery is one sector that is important for human life, because most of human needs come from fisheries, one example is the need for catfish. Currently, there is a gap between crop yields and community needs, which is indicated by very high demand while yields are low. Therefore, this study was conducted to predict catfish yields using a linear regression algorithm so that community needs are met. The method used for the training process in this study uses Multiple Linear Regression. Multiple Linear Regression is an analysis conducted on the dependent variable / dependent variable and two or more independent or independent variables. In contrast to simple regression which only has one independent variable and one dependent variable. Predicting the size of the dependent variable using the independent variable data which is already known. The results of this study analyzed the value of Root Mean Squared Error, and Mean Absolute Error. The result of the line equation from the training data for catfish harvesting is yˆ = -310.6119 + 0.0759x1 + 0.0245x2 + 0.6104x3

Keywords: Prediction, Data Mining, Multiple Linear Regression Algorithm