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This research examines the optimization of the Village
Profile Information System Empowerment (PRODESKEL) in Sepat
Majalengka Village, towards a digital village. This research is
based on the village government's vision to pursue digital village
targets. Through this research, it will be illustrated to what extent
is Sepat Village's readiness in pursuing the digital village targets.
This study used a qualitative descriptive method, with data
collection instruments in the form of interviews, questionnaires
and observations from a number of primary sources in the village
government. The results showed that. first, Sepat Village is a
newly developing village so that the fulfillment of prodeskel-based information services is still very limited in terms of facilities,
but in fulfilling the points demanded in the prodeskel program for
2020 have been maximally fulfilled. So that the village of Sepat is
in a position of self-sufficiency. second, Sepat village has
responded very well to the West Java governor's policy regarding
digital villages, so that Sepat Village has aspirations and a
direction for its development towards a digital village. It's just that
the obstacles faced in getting to a digital village are still very
many, most importantly the availability of human resources and
infrastructure. third, the obstacles faced in the field to get to a
digital village include the availability of human resources, the
availability of facilities and infrastructure as well as the limited
level of public awareness in the field of education


PRODESKEL desa digital optimalisasi

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